Anonymous asked:

taylors literally a homophobe someone that people eho arent straight literally have to deal with because of their sexuality and you have the nerve to support a homophobe? even if he did say sorry ppl do anything to get less hate smh

THATS OLD NEWS he mad a video adressing it this morning if you wanna bring it up!! and i already went over this like a month ago he was young and ignorant ask yourself this

would you want to be hated for some stupid comment you made 2 years ago? 

taylor rant (beware)

I LOVE TAYLOR. he has saved my life i have never been so happy in my life no matter what he does or what he says i love him. He has gotten so much shade lately from people some whore had the nerve to trend #whywehatetaylorcaniff: DEEP THROAT A CACTUS HOE he has done nothing wrong. he is a kind funny guy. so what his rapping isnt good i still love every song he has and i bought every song on itunes because i care.i cant sww why people hate him all i see on twitter is people saying ” hes a dick” or ” he cant rap” 

1) how is he a dick??!?!?! answer that i really wanna know ‘

2) SOOO what he cant rap if you dont like it dont listen to it TF 

at first i hated buckwild but now thats my slap i love that song him and Dillon have done nothing wrong he has never targeted a group of people he has never sent hate to anyone so why are people going to hell and back to send hate to someone who has done nothing wrong love and support taylor caniff and always will 

fuck your shade your throwing and suck ass for being heartless 

( im open to hear anyones view)